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Wild Flowers

Hey There

Hiya! I'm Emily, the face behind the business! I run everything you see here, from creating the pieces to running numbers behind the scenes. I'm so glad you're here, read on if you'd like to learn a bit more about me! Stay up to date on Instagram: @among.ferns.and.silver 

All About Me

Welcome! The name's Emily, and if you're here, I'm so grateful for your support. I'm the one woman operation behind Among Ferns and Silver, it has been a dream of mine that I still can't believe has manifested right before my eyes.

I grew up in the beautiful Canadian Rockies of Southern Alberta, and I was lucky enough to call this place home for my entire life, growing up taking summer camping trips out to Kananaskis country or even across the border to British Columbia. We would sit around the fire after a long day of exploring the woods, I even remember going to bed smelling like those smoky campfires, reminiscing on the day's adventures as I went to sleep. Those memories are some of my fondest and I carried this mountain love with me to my adulthood, and subsequently into my pieces for you. 

This business is not what I had dreamed up for myself growing up, I had the mentality that I needed to go to university, get a good job, and just play it safe to get by, then I could have fun. I ended up going to school for 6 years, got a Bachelor's in Biological Anthropology, and started another degree in Geology, but you know what, the world had other plans and I decided that school just wasn't for me anymore. This business was born out of a desire for something else, something that made my heart happy while still challenging my skills. I started Among Ferns and Silver in September of 2020 and I have never looked back since.

I am entirely self taught, through much trial and error I learned the basics of this craft, with an emphasis on the error. It isn't easy, but I like it that way. For once in my life, I have a sense of pride for creating something out of nothing, for turning Earth's precious gems into wearable works of art that resonate with you and me. I feel lucky to be able to use my hands and my heart to make a living, to create art daily and share it with the world.

When I'm not at the bench, you can usually find me in the forests, exploring the mountains and all they have to offer. Thank you so much for reading, and for being here.

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